HEAL Support Circles were rolled out at the end of 2006. We anticipate adding additional circles in more locations and at different times of day, as fast as we can coordinate them. To see the circles in a calendar format, click on the link below, marked Calendar. Most of the locations in the Google calendar are linked to a map, or check the directions listed on this site. If you don't see a circle convenient to you, let us know where you are and when you can attend. We're trying to get circles set up to accommodate as many people, as possible.


These are peer support groups led by two trained co-facilitators. HEAL Support Circles are not group therapy meetings or group counseling sessions. HEAL is not a twelve-step program or affiliated with any religious denomination or singular therapeutic approach.

We've made coordinating the Support Circles our first major project because those who've been contacting us during our first six months have indicated that's what they feel would provide them the most benefit. If these locations or times don't meet your needs, please contact us. We may either be in the process of coordinating a circle in your area, or your letting us know what you need will help us in focusing on getting a circle set up that will serve you better.

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NOTE: The on-site circles listed below are suspended until further notice. We now offer Zoom support circles twice a month. To participate email Ilene Braunstein from the How to Find page.

Derby at Griffin Hospital, the second Monday of the month, from 6:30 to 8:00. Check at the front desk for room location. Directions: From Rte. 8 North, take Exit 18, take a right onto Division St. Take right at first light. Hospital is on left. From Rte. 8 South: Take Exit 17, take left onto Seymour Ave. Follow road for a 1/4 mile. Hospital is on right. Rte. 8 North: Exit 18; right onto Division St. Take right at first light. Hospital is on left. From New Haven: Rte. 34 to Rte. 8 North. Follow directions above. From points north of New Haven: Rte. 15/Wilbur Cross Pkway: Take exit 58 to Route 34 West; Follow signs to Rte. 8 North; take Rte. 8 North to Exit 18; Right off exit, right at light; hospital is on left. From points south of New Haven: Rte. 15/Merritt Pkway; exit 52 (Rte. 8 No./Wtby.); Rte. 8 to exit 18; right off exit, right at light. Hosptial on left. Free parking in Doctors Lot, which is open to public after hours.

Oliver Wolcott Library in Litchfield, the second Friday of the month, 1:00 to 2:45 pm. The library is at 160 South Street. Directions: Take Rte. 8, exit 42. Follow Rte. 118 to Torrington. At the top of the hill you'll be facing the town green; bear to the Left, which will put the green on your right. Turn Left at the stop sign onto South Street. After you pass Wolcott Street on your right, you'll see a historic-looking sign for the library, also on the right. Turn Right into the driveway marked "Enter." If you miss the driveway and arrive at a fork with Old South Street on the right, you've passed the library.

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