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Video: Ilene Wolf Braunstein discusses getting out of an abusive relationship on Nutmeg TV's Beyond Violence by Christine Dubey - PLAY (12:16)

Video: Ilene Wolf Braunstein talks about the impact of emotional injury on Nutmeg TV's Beyond Violence by Christine Dubey - PLAY (9:00)

Video: Ilene Wolf Braunstein answers questions on dream exploration for Tony Spinelli
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Audio: John Voket, Public Affairs Director, WPLR 99.1, FM; STAR 99, AM, speaks with Ilene Wolf Braunstein, Founder, Executive Director, HEAL - PLAY (12:35)

May 2010 ----- I'm writing this on May 3rd, 2010, which is the fourth anniversary of the establishment of Healing Emotionally Abused Lives. While the economy presented challenges, over the course of the last twelve months, HEAL has weathered the ups and downs, and goes forward into the future.

Two of the circles had to be closed due to changes that our host locations were experiencing, but both will be re-established, in the mid-distance future. In the fall of 2009, a new circle was opened in conjunction with the State of Connecticut, at a transitional facility for women moving from incarceration, back into the community.

Congressional Commendation and
Connecticut Legislative Citation below

Also, after appearing on a number of episodes of a Connecticut public access series on domestic violence, some of those tapings were edited and then uploaded first onto the HEAL website as well as YouTube (key words on YouTube are, "Ilene Wolf HEAL").

In early 2010 I completed the tutorial required by my local cable company to have be able to use the public access production equipment and studios. So, now I'm preparing a public access series of my own. The focus won't be narrowly, domestic violence (though those topics will be covered), but healing and recovery. As completed videos become available, these shows will be uploaded here on the HEAL website and also some onto YouTube, as we've done in the past. Please share with us any topics that we wan to be sure get covered.

Here's a news flash. Just this past weekend I connected with the news director at the NBC affiliate in Connecticut. I told him about HEAL's birthday in May, and he committed to taping a piece on the support circles and the other resources available through HEAL.

I certainly want to take a moment to thank all the supporters of HEAL, including (but not limited to) the co-facilitators, the agencies, faith communities and companies that host support circle locations, technical people who help take care of HEAL's website and Global Harmony Institute which has been the non-profit organization that hosts our HEAL CareCircle message board and my blog, "Wolf's Daily Howl."

I also want to share with the wonderful, supportive community on the HEAL CareCircle message board how much I appreciate your participation, whether it's frequent or sporadic, or even if you don't post, but just follow what's written. Obviously, if you're reading this birthday update, I'd like to invite anyone interested in being part of a community of survivors who are very much there for other victims and survivors, to return to the HEAL homepage and click on the link to the CyberCircle, or to visit CareCircle.net and locate CareCircle #31. You can read all posts without registering. If you want to participate, registration takes a very short effort. (If you have any problems doing that, let me know. We WILL get you on.)

If you've just discovered this site, I urge you to check out the message board (there's a link there from the HEAL homepage), dash me off a PM or email from the Finding page and tell me how we might support you.

Those are the highs and lows of the past year and the hopes and plans for the year ahead. I'll end with my bottom-line recommendation for all on the path of recovery ----- SELF-CARE.

Be well, all. Keep moving forward and stay in touch!

Ilene Wolf


Ilene Wolf, shares a moment with Gloria Steinem at the Ct. State Capitol, kicking off CCADV's "It's Not Just Physical" campaign, for the 2007, Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Healing Emotionally Abused Lives is a non-denominational, non-sectarian organization which holds the position that personal values, beliefs and spiritual direction are wholly and solely a matter of individual choice, and which will therefore not align with nor endorse any particular religion, faith nor spiritual viewpoint.

Also, Healing Emotionally Abused Lives is not a counseling agency nor a therapeutic outlet. Neither is HEAL affiliated with any 12-step program or any other particular approach to psychological and overall wellness.

HEAL claims only to be a clearinghouse of references and resources. We welcome all suggestions and reserve the right to approve any suggested materials. HEAL cannot be held responsible for either mistakes in materials that appear, or individual choices based on use of materials that appear.

HEALing History

HEAL had its roots together with another young Connecticut social service organization in which Ilene Wolf participated as a co-founder. Early in the development of that organization, Ms. Wolf found her vision of service leading in different directions. Her personal history and professional experience inclined Ms. Wolf to envision settings and systems of complete security and support for individuals moving toward emotional recovery.

As a consequence, HEAL was born. It's Ms. Wolf's intent, together with others who support similar objectives, that the guiding principles of Healing Emotionally Abused Lives will be to provide circles and networks of validation, safety, support and resources for those emerging from situations that were unstable and unnourishing. Our histories so far, as individuals and as an organization, were born of instability and disrespect. Our futures will now be written in brighter colors.

U.S. Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro presents Ilene Wolf, director, HEAL, with commendation.

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Received as part of the recognition awarded by the Valley Women's
Health Initiative as a 2011 Women Making a Difference honoree.

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Ilene Wolf speaking about HEAL, as an Honoree at the Women Making a Difference award luncheon, Oct. 2011, presented by the Valley Women's Health Initiative.

Ilene with award nominator, Richard Kowalsky, receiving a "map" of HEAL's paths to wellness.

GHI Award Presentation photos

Kate Emery, Exec. Dir. of Global Harmony Institute presents
GHI Care Circle Award and grant to Ilene Wolf, Dir., HEAL.

Diane Bennett, Dir., Health Programs, UConn Health Center-
host of the GHI presentation; Ilene Wolf, Kate Emery.

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Jenny Bycenski and HEAL Dir. Ilene Wolf at the GHI Golden Care Circle
Award Celebration. As the April Care Circle Award recipient, HEAL was
a Golden Care Circle Award Nominee.

Ilene Wolf as "Any Worker" in "Will You Hold My Child" produced by Susan B.
Anthony Project and the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Cast of "Will You Hold My Child" performed at Warner Studio Theater Torrington,
CT; Sept. 2006 and Cheshire Correctional Institute, April 2007

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Ilene Wolf heading up climbing wall

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